Morph Instruments

  • Instruments: 7
  • Formats: Kontakt 
  • Approx Size: 2.5GB  

MorphDrum - 3 Percussive instruments 
MorphWave - A 3 Oscillator Synth using AET Filter. Some variations using different voice options

Roland Alpha Juno Construction Kit

  • Patches: 190
  • Formats: EXS24 & Kontakt 
  • Approx Size: 4.25GB  

Construction kit made with a Roland Alpha Juno. Includes tons of saw, square and noise waveforms, a bunch of patches and 2 Kontakt instruments.

Moog Minitaur Construction Kit

  • Patches: 68
  • Formats: EXS24 & Kontakt  
  • Approx Size: 2.7GB  

Construction kit made with a Moog Minitaur. A bunch of Saw & Squares in various configurations allowing you to create your own sounds. 

Wavetables for RetroSynth

  • Wavetables: 337
  • Patches: 100+  
  • Approx Size: 20mb

This collection distills the wider Modular Samples library into a bunch of wavetables, patches and Smart Control Panels for Logic's Retro Synth instrument.

Roland Jupiter 4 - Pads

  • Patches: 18
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 1.8GB  

A collection of Pads from the Roland Jupiter 4.

Roland Jupiter 4 - Misc

  • Patches: 10
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 590mb

Blips, loops and strings from the Roland Jupiter 4.

Roland Jupiter 4 - Keys

  • Patches: 19
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 977mb

Roland Jupiter 4 piano and organ sounds. Fun fact, most of the patch names from this part of the collection are named after, or references to various cats.

Roland Jupiter - FX

  • Patches: 11
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 1GB  

A collection of FX sounds from the Roland Jupiter 4. I'm such a huge fan of this thing it's the only library where all the available patches have been made playable on the website.

Korg Z1 - Strings and Brass

  • Patches: 10
  • Formats: EXS24, Kontakt & SFZ  
  • Approx Size: 1.7GB  

A collection strings and bass from the Korg Z1.