Since 2008 modularsamples.com has been providing  synth samples, construction kits and other sound design tools online. This content has been available for free with no usage restrictions. In other words public domain.  Freed from commerical concerns the sounds are often abstract, of niche use or just downright weird. That said, I haven't forgotten those who like a little bread with their butter as the site feature quite a few leads, pads and even simple recordings of the basic waveforms. If you want literally 100s of variations on saw , square and triangles? I've got it covered.
In short, there's a lot here. If it's all too much to digest, or download. Consider buying a drive from my Etsy store. They are filled to the brim with everything I've ever made, and by purchasing one you are helping out this site. Everyone's a winner.


Why Public Domain?

Lots of reasons. I have little in the way of business sense. To give something back to the world. Virtual instruments sounds great, it's hard to compete. I don't want to make trap loops, or paint-by-numbers sample packs. Because nobody else is doing it (to this scale).


What's in the future?

Several things! Watch this space! I've recently discovered HISE, an amazing open source project that allows users to create VST & AU instruments from sample libraries. I've already begun work on my first instrument and will be doing a lot more on that platform (Kontakt is dead, long live HISE!). A Novation BassStation II construction kit (already sounding quite tasty). Probably some weird sounding thing for Alchemy and don't tell anyone, but I have a goofball hardware sampler project in the works. I just need to find a SBC with more oomph then a Raspberry Pi and I can start working on it again. Just keep it under your hat for now.