Under Construction

Hey you! I'm making some big changes round here. Click on the links at the top to get to the samples, or take a listen to my cool new ambient thing. 




Chroma Polaris Groovebox for Five12's Numerology

Okay this is cool. It's a patch for Numerology that allows users to sequence and edit all 6 voices of the Chroma Polaris synthesizer with full control of synths parameters. There are a bunch of LFOs allow for some crazy modulations, sequencers and a whole lot of other fun. Your Polaris needs to be in multitimbral mode for this to work as intended! No support as sold the pol years ago. 



Jomox Xbase 999 editor for Lemur

Control all parameters on the Xbase from your ipad tablet device! You'll need the Lemur midi app to get it up and running,



Korg DSS-1 Editor for Ctrlr

This editor controls most of the Korg DSS-1's synthesis parameters. I no longer have the DSS-1 (total PITA to use) so I can't provide any help or support.



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