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AKAI S612 ♥'s Modular

It's the classic May to December romance, Akai S612 meets eurorack modular synth and falls in love. The sampler is attracted to the sleek modern sound of the modular. The modular is drawn in by the richness of the samplers tones and years of experience. It didn't last long, the sampler soon realized there were younger, more complex modulars and the synth ran off with a doctor in a Mercedes. The point is, they had a kid. 

  • Over 100 patches (each) for EXS24, Kontakt and Reason
  • 441 Drum hits
  • 227 Basses
  • Cool Multisamples
  • Grungy, dirty, fat & warm!
  • Many stabs and chords



Oberheim Xpander Construction Set

By far the largest sampling project I have undertaken to date. I spent over a year recording the Xpander. The end result is huge, temperamental and capable of sounding glorious. A lot like the Xpander itself. It is currently available for Kontakt and EXS24.

There are aproximately 250 "basic" waveform sets (saw, square etc.) in the library each using a different filter, waveform or recording chain and another 100 that consist of more complex sounds (FM, pulse modulation and my own patches from the Xpander). Additionally there are 175 custom patch examples for EXS24 for and Kontakt, tools to assist with layering, some techno loops and a small selection of drum hits.

  • 250 Basic Waveforms
  • 100 Complex Waveforms
  • 175 Example patches 
  • Layer Mophing with AET and X-Fade
  • Logic Stacks
  • Over 45gb of Oberheim Xpander sounds



Roland Alpha Juno Construction Kit

What makes the Roland Alpha Juno special is its large variety of waveforms . There are 3 pulses, 4 saws and 5 subs available and the pulse and saw wave both have adjustable widths. All three shapes can be used at the same time so the potential number of waveforms is quite large!

  • Huge 4gb Alpha Juno Waveform Library
  • 114 multi-layered wave patches
  • 40 Example Patches
  • 10 Logic Stack Patches for creative layering
  • 2 unique Kontakt Instruments 


Wavetables for Retro Synth

Retro Synth is a simple, but rather great sounding synth bundled with Logic Pro X. In it's wavetable mode you can import user waveforms. This is a collection of over 200 wavetables generated from a variety of synths found in the modularsamples library. Because of the variety of the source material a wide range of different sounds can be created, from typical PPG style wavetable pads to reasonably convincing filter sweeps, basses and leads.



Morph Drum/Morph Wave

Two new Kontakt Instruments currently in the testing phase. Both act as a front end for the various construction Kits above, taking the best waveforms and providing a user interface.




Reserved Public Domain Libraries


The following libraries are available only to subscribers:

  • Ensoniq ESQ1
  • Fender Chroma Polaris
  • Yamaha CS30L
  • Hybrid collection (two or more synths hooked up together)
  • MFB Kraftzwerg
  • Novation UltraNova
  • Roland SH-2
  • Roland JX-3p
  • Siel Orchestra
  • Oberheim Xpander