Oberheim Xpander Construction Set


What do you do with a synthesizer that has 6 voices, 15 filter types, 5 LFOs, 5 envelope generators, ramps, tracking generators, an insanely flexible voice routing system and mod matrix, like the Oberheim Xpander? 

I don't know either, so I decided to record a series of basic waveforms that people could layer, morph and tweak to create their own sounds with. The end result is huge, temperamental and capable of sounding glorious. A lot like the Xpander itself. It is currently available for Kontakt and EXS24.

 There are aproximately 250 "basic" waveform sets (saw, square etc.) in the library each using a different filter, waveform or recording chain and another 100 that consist of more complex sounds (FM, pulse modulation and my own patches from the Xpander). Additionally there are 175 custom patch examples for EXS24 for and Kontakt, tools to assist with layering, some techno loops and a small selection of drum hits.

  • 250 Basic Waveforms
  • 100 Complex Waveforms
  • 175 Example patches 
  • Layer Mophing with AET and X-Fade
  • Logic Stacks
  • Over 45gb of Oberheim Xpander sounds
  • Subjectively sounds better than a recent Matrix 12 emulation  


Price: $40.00