AKAI S612 ♥ Modular

It's the classic May to December romance, Akai S612 meets eurorack modular synth and falls in love. The sampler is attracted to the sleek modern sound of the modular. The modular is drawn in by the richness of the samplers tones and years of experience. It didn't last long, the sampler soon realized there were younger, more complex modulars and the synth ran off with a doctor in a Mercedes. The point is, they had a kid. I call it:


AKAI S612 ♥'s Modular

*Over 100 patches (each) for EXS24, Kontakt and Reason

*441 Drum hits

*227 Basses

*Cool Multisamples

*Grungy, dirty, fat & warm!

*Many stabs and chords

Price: $5.00


   Roland Alpha Juno Construction Kit