Since 2008 modularsamples.com has been providing  synth samples, construction kits and other sound design tools online. The majority of this content has been available for free, with no useage restrictions. In other words public domain.  Freed from commerical concerns the sounds are often abstract, of niche use and just downright weird.

 Over the years the sound library has grown to about 200gb and keeping it updated and online is becoming less practical. Additionally, I've started to view the library as a singular thing, in-so-much that it makes most sense when you've got the entire set of samples in one place (LIbrary spanning, multi gigabyte instruments are the future).

 It is with this in mind that I've made some signigicant changes to the website. While some of the content will still be available to download the majority of it will only be avaialble  on a hard drive.